Normally everyone needs the best out of best but where it is missed out is compromising on certain things when it comes for money part. Body massage is not just a job it is a kind of art performed by our young and beautiful masseuse these are very specific techniques done only by specialists who trained for the purpose alone to be best spa therapist in Mumbai.

Being best spa and massage center in Mumbaiis very simple and ZOZO spa is specialist in concentrating to upkeep only on that. We are the best massage center in Mumbai just because of only one reason that is customer satisfaction and happy ending massage.

There may be many spa and massage claims that they are the best spa in Mumbai for various massage but ZOZO spa is very specific and unique to provide international type of massage like Thai massage, Loomy massage, Ayurvedic massage, Sandwich massage, Lingam and body rub massage and many more. Mostly we concentrate on cleanliness and hygiene so we care from the beginning till the end.


Why we are the best spa in Mumbai because we do this service promptly and truthfully for customers not because of competitors, being unique is the success of ZOZO spa and massage center.

Our service center is well equipped with advanced materials which is spacious and designed to create calm and soothing mood. We cleanse our clients and detoxicate the body for the best end result. This service is included in all types of massage that we provide.

Many competitor’s and other local spa centers try to attract customers by giving offers and false promises which will be felt after they reach the spa center but to be the best and trust worthy our Mumbai body massage ZOZO spa maintain transparency by posting massage girls pictures and their profile including the photos of room and other facilities we provide

Our massage and other part timers are passionate in this profession so they don’t demand for extra money or tips, it is easy for them to be flexible and by their beauty they will be your feast for the hunger of body massage.


Massage is an ailment or can say as repairing technique of our body which has many benefits and does many changes on human body; all these changes have a greater impact both internally as well as externally. Massage gives more benefits on human body which is enormous, it can cure lot of problems and keeps away from it, and this can treat and give relief to small problems to any serious chronic problems it minimizes the physical and mental borne illness.

There are several types of massage for several reasons so there are no proper guidelines on what type of massage for what type of clients, all this is depended on every individual and their needs on massage therapy, and we should accept that not all can read their body needs

Massage is one basic exercise needed for our body to get relaxed from external stress but this exercise is not performed by self rather than that it will be performed by second person on our various parts in the body. Every types of massage have its own benefits according to its procedure.

A basic benefit of simple body massage is to enhance blood circulation which helps in self-repairing, better sleep and also solution for personal & business problems. This boost immune system which is the secret of staying healthy, glowing skin and wrinkle free appearance keeps you confident. Detoxification is the secret for being fit and energetic, stress buster pushes you further towards success and achievement, relieves pain, reduce swelling in case of external injuries, and rejuvenate our body which is a kind of recharge for us.

It relieves stress and help the body to relax and brain to work more actively, When it comes to mental benefit, it reduces anxiety, improves self-confidence, nourish and stimulate emotional growth, promotes sleep, improves and support reproductive organs, keeps you calm and wellbeing